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Goals are good. Without a goal where would soccer, football, basket ball or for that matter any other sport be?

 As a Christian I have a goal for my life and that is to hear my Master say "well done good and faithful servant".

 I have other goals as well and I though I would share the one I have set for the remainder of this year.

 Starting on Tuesday May 1st, 2012 I will embark on a monthly 3000 Rep Fitness Challenge.

 Each month I will post a new exercise an challenge myself publicly to complete 3000 reps over the course of the month. Here is a simple math breakdown of what it will take to complete each month.

 3000 divided by 30 days = 100 reps each day.

 3000 divided by 21 days = 142 reps each day. (should I be dumb enough to take weekends off)

 3000 divided by 36 days = 115 reps each day, allowing for one day a week of rest. Ideally Sunday.

You get the idea.

 What this will do to my regular workouts is yet to be seen,,,and felt. I will no doubt have to back my work level off somewhat but the months will tell. My desire is to complete each months challenge while maintaining as much of my regular training as possible..

 Yes I'm a dreamer and optimist at heart.

 So there it is, join in at any time and let me know how you are progressing as I will keep you updated on mine.

OH!, I almost forgot May's 3000 Rep Fitness Challenge is, drum roll please, Macebell 360s. What, you don't have a macebell? A heavy sledgehammer will do just as well.

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Comment by John Roche on May 10, 2012 at 12:02am

Note to self: When doing a 3000 Rep Fitness Challenge DO NOT MISS A DAY!!


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