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Ya' I know.. change again? Well this is a small change as I am keeping the rep/set scheme the same. The change comes in the day day schedule for than anything. The 5x5 portion of this I got from an article by Indrananda - called 'The Original 3 to 5 Method for Maximal Gains in Very Little Time'.

  1. Routine a:
  • Side Press: 5x5 = I am using an adjustable macebell for this, but if you're a kettlebell lover you could use them. Each workout I am adding 2.5 lbs to this lift and when I am unable to complete the last set, I just drop it from the next lift. That pattern continues until I am only able to complete one set of five reps, at which time (if I am not totally bored with it) I will drop back to 10% over my starting weight and repeat the pattern again.
  • Chins: 3x3 start with bodyweight and add a few pounds whenever 3x3 is easy. My actual focus is not on these two movements and they can be exchanged when boredom set in.
  • Dips: 3x3 same as chins.

2. Routine b:

  • Deadlifts: 5x5 = I use an adjustable T-bar for these but barbells or dumbbells will do. As with Side Press, add weight each workout. Becuase of the strength availible for this lift add 5 lbs each lift. Any time the last set is non-completable drop it from the next workout and keep adding weight.
  • Double kettlebell Swings: 3x3. don't use any overtaxing weight, but if it's too easy increase the weight.
  • Walking Lunges: 3x3 (that is 3r/3l x 3 sets) This can be done with lots of weight in each hand or what I have come to really enjoy, heavy macebell held off-center overhead. Awkward, taxing...FUN!!!

A & B are alternated Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. So it would be A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, etc.....

Now the "Off Days" Tuesday & Thursday or Tuesday & Saturday, depending on recovery and time, are where the macebell fun comes in.

Using the Tabata Protocal: 8 cycles or 20 seconds max work/ 10 seconds dead rest do the following Macebell lifts:

  1. 360s
  2. Walk the Plank
  3. Plank Press*
  4. Walk the Bridge
  5. MB Ballistic Curls
  6. Kayaks
  7. 45deg Grave Diggers
  8. Mjollnirs
Rack out as many reps in 20 seconds as possible, take seconds to recoup and move on to the next one. Try to increase the number of reps done each time you do this cycle while keeping in the 20 second work range.
If you possible do the cycle two times.
Also if you are not big into Tabata Protocol then do the above circuit for reps. Say 360sx50, WtPx6-10, etc... use the Mjollnirs as the finisher with a total burnout set.
* Plank Press: Grab the Macebell as if your going to Walk the Plank and walk down about half way. Now with your hands firmly gripping the macebell and your head to one side press your body up using your triceps (think reverse close-grip bench press). Your head go up on one side and then down on the other as you do reps.

I am having fun with this routine right now and my youngest son thinks it's a blast as well.

Play around with it... change it... make it yours'


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